About Cycloware

Customized Mission Critical Software for Healthcare Providers

When we first approached the problems surrounding automating medical care facilities, two things quickly became apparent. One, the problems are far greater than simply kludging together existing off-the-shelf components in the hopes of efficiently storing medical records and patient information, and billing for services. And, two, existing solutions fell well short of the mark for ease of use, integration, ease of implementation, and scalability demanded by medical professionals. Solving these problems gave birth to Cycloware.

Founded in 2007 to provide highly customized software for the healthcare industry, Cycloware created a state of the art integration, networking and application development platform to bring its products to market quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively to provide unparalleled capability and technical support to our clients.

Our solution maintains a distinct advantage over much of our competition. Partnering with a medical weight loss provider having over 6,000 patients across the mid-Atlantic region allows us to build our solution not in a lab, but in the field. Our engineers and software architects work alongside the medical professionals who use the software, enabling virtually instantaneous feedback to implement the business processes and objectives of the medical practice. We incorporate this knowledge from real users in a real environment into a product offering for our clients.

With our novel development platform, we simply develop software faster. As a result, we help our clients create solutions more quickly and with fewer resources than other consulting firms. Our interdisciplinary teams combine user centered design in an approach that is characterized by short development iterations, constant communication, and the ability to adapt to changing business requirements.

Our engineers and consultants are seasoned, skilled professionals, whose motivating force is to create easy to use solutions that provide our clients with underlying technology to enable business breakthroughs and competitive advantage.

Our Skills

Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish a software development company that will provide our clients with innovative engineered solutions with an emphasis on quality, costs, and time. Our professionals will be in the forefront of new technologies, client-dedicated, and uphold the highest professional standards in the practice of software engineering. It is our intent to become an established leader in all fields of custom software development for the healthcare industry.


“Cycloware has been an asset to our company by providing us with a cutting edge system that literally runs every aspect of the enterprise.”

Shawn | MWD

Our Methodology

User friendly custom enterprise software solutions

Many enterprises mold their operational workflow and procedures to work within the structure imposed on them by the software they use.  Cycloware puts the user experience at the center of our software development process.  We pay close attention to how the software or application fits within the user’s main activities, tasks, life cycle, and needs. We design for those goals, and test our designs with the client as they grow into multiple office environments.  The results are applications that people want to use.

Ease of Use

Modern healthcare providers are under extreme time pressure to provide for more patients in less time, as well as, to deliver the most effective care to each patient while keeping up with new medical research. This extreme time pressure means that providers will not use medical software, unless it is easy to use or they are forced to do so.

Enterprise Class

Scalability, reliability and supportability, data and security. With years of enterprise-class software development experience, our development and engineering group has expertise in data modeling, networking, service oriented architectures, rules engines, distributed systems and cloud computing.

Improved Software Quality

As applications grow more complex, the scope of software testing grows more complex as well. Healthcare organizations find themselves with a complicated matrix of supported platforms and versions, each of which requires manually scripted, manually executed builds and tests. Cycloware’s development team improves software quality by enabling continuous integration and validation with a single, unified process automation framework that drives high quality results using a repeatable, consistent solution that captures defects and errors automatically.

Development Life Cycle

The entire process of formal, logical steps taken to develop an enterprise class client-server application. Cycloware’s development team practices a disciplined process in which coding/programming is applied to the problem being solved by the existing or planned application.

The phases of development can vary somewhat but generally include the following:

Through a comprehensive analysis of the enterprise - from customer and service workflows, administrative processes, and marketing and sales objectives - Cycloware helps maximize productivity and profitability.

Our Solutions

Software for the entire medical enterpise

Medical software is often hard to use, causing productivity to drop.  Productivity drops cause people to think twice about using and recommending medical software.  

Cycloware focuses on understanding its clients’ needs and delivering IT services and solutions at the right value and the required speed. We believe we succeed when our clients succeed by growing and outpacing their competition. By selecting Cycloware as your IT services partner, you’ll gain access to process excellence, IT technology expertise and an experienced pool of resources. Our focus is on driving business transformation through IT as a tool to help you drive genuine business results.

Some of the solutions we have successfully delivered on diverse set include, but are not limited to the following:

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